In his remarks yesterday at the Cambridge Cyber Summit, Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein discussed the ever-growing threat posed by cyber criminals, the DOJ’s recent successes in combating cyber threats, and how private corporations and law enforcement can collaborate in the battle against cybercrime.

In particular, Rosenstein asked technology companies to consider how “ ‘warrant-proof’ encryption” can prevent those companies from seeing what is happening on their networks and preclude law enforcement from effectively protecting them.

He urged victims of cybercrime to report cyber incidents as quickly as possible, highlighting the ways law enforcement can help victims and work to bring perpetrators to justice.

Finally, he recommended that all companies consider implementing a vulnerability disclosure program to enable friendly security researchers to report security vulnerabilities to them.  Earlier this year the DOJ’s Cybersecurity Unit published A Framework for a Vulnerability Disclosure Program for Online Systems to help companies think through creating such a program.